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πŸ“… Departure July 15 – 8 Days (7 Nights)

πŸ“ Mandarin Resort Hotel 5* All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 795 euros/p
πŸ“ Jasmin Beach Hotel 4* All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 945 euros/p
πŸ“ MY ELLA BODRUM RESORT & SPA 5* Ultra All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 955 euros/p
πŸ“ Diamond Of Bodrum 5* Ultra All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 970 euros/p
πŸ“ Azure By Yelken 5* Ultra All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 1005 euros/p
πŸ“ Duja Bodrum 5* Ultra All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 1190 euros/p
πŸ“ La Blanche Island 5* Ultra All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 1590 euros/p
πŸ“ Baia Bodrum 5* Ultra All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 1590 euros/p
πŸ“ BE PREMIUM BODRUM 5* Premium All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 3200 euros/p
πŸ“ Titanic Luxury Collection Bodrum 5* Deluxe All Inclusive πŸ’Ά Price 3490 euros/p

Package details


7 Days


5 People

Travel type

Monthly Trip


The price includes:

  • Tickets
  • Hotel accommodation
  • All Inclusive/ Ultra All Inclusive concept
  • Use of the facilities in the hotel
  • Albanian assistance at the airport
  • Complete luggage (suitcases)
  • Airport transfers
  • Excluded

    The price does not include:

  • none
  • Book

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